Taking the Different Road

I started this blog with the aim of following a book’s guide to make life a little less stressful but now I see myself slowly stressing out by relating my everyday to the book. I find it really challenging to do that as I have not had the time to blog much more read the book.

My love for writing however prevails and so I have considered a different option. Instead, I will be writing about things that made me happy despite of…

Of course I have to start with a sizable goal and with the hype of “100 days of Happiness” on social media sites, I will lovingly name this journey as “100 Reasons to Smile”.

Wacha think? I hope this time it works. 🙂


Day 1 – Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff


I’m a constant worrier. I feel that things should go as planned or expected and if not, I should have an acceptable contingency plan. I stress about the most minute detail that I often snap at a sign of disorder. After reading the first tip, I have committed myself to try NOT TO SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF. But what are the small stuff? How can we not sweat over it when the smallest spec of dust can irritate our eye, right?

What I did is try not to think too much about things that usually worry me. At first, I get this nagging feeling that I am being irresponsible. I thought I am abandoning what needs to be taken care of. What really surprised me was that by doing this, I was able to deal with my tasks one at a time and eventually dealt with all of them. Of course, there will always be things to do so I try not to let the TO DO stuff bug me that much.

Earlier today, my neighbor decided to walk her dogs who are annoyingly noisy. Since we live in a duplex apartment, their pathway is very near to our door. It was too early in the morning and I was still so sleepy but the noise of the dogs, which was so audible with our bedroom door always left open so my dog can leave the room when she needs to go potty, add my dog’s excitement when she smelled her playmates outside the door, you can totally picture chaos at a ridiculous hour that I thought I was gonna have a migraine! Instead of lashing at my dog, I just closed the door, picked up my dog and gave her a good back rub to relax her and we both went back to sleep. Later on, she started to cause a scene. Half asleep, I couldn’t figure out what she wants. My husband was sound asleep and it irritated me that noise didn’t bug him like it did to me. This means, I WOULD HAVE TO GET UP AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Before snapping, I tried to open the bedroom door again and out she went to her potty station. She then left me to sleep for the rest of the time.

Writing about it now, if I acted negatively, I would have done something that might hurt my dog’s feelings and mind you! She is one touchy dog! She can sulk all day if she felt bad about something I did or if you thought I am mad at her.

Not sweating the small stuff indeed has a good effect on me at home. Can’t wait to check the other tips and apply them in my life.