When Others Get At You

On my other blog, I somehow ranted about a thread on Facebook which is Job Post in a professional group page. The people were complaining about the qualifications and I had to post my comment and pointed that the qualifications are actually agreeable. It created a rage comment from people of which some have been deleted for unknown reasons. To cut the story short, there were exchange of comments and it was getting through me that my mere agreement to the qualifications bruised other people’s ego and took it as me questioning their competences.

I myself didn’t take their retaliations lightly. I was shaking every time I read the comments and couldn’t type using my phone. I had to use a laptop to defend my stand which was in no way bashing anyone. It hurt me that they had to attack me (my name was tagged and in some I was quoted so it was directed to me) that way just because I agreed to something that they don’t. And my comment was even directed at no one.

I lost a night’s sleep over that because I was worried. The people who were attacking me are going to my husband’s office-mates. Though he was so calm about the whole thing and completely support me, I asked not to say anything. He guided me with deep breathing to calm me and massaged my shaking hands. Because of this, I was able to clearly defend myself and at least closed the thread with someone apologizing and finally getting my point.

Lesson learned, Try not sweat the small stuff. It could be a snide comment from a person, try not too affected because the things they say reflect what they are as a person and nothing about you. Explanations are okay but to some people, no matter how hard you explain, it will never be enough. Why? Simply because they have already closed their minds on this topic and there is nothing more you can do about this. So, try not to sweat it. šŸ™‚

If you would like to read about the blog post, just click on the link


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