5 Essential Ingredients For A Great Loving Relationship

While there is no hard rule for relationships, a simple guide or reminder won’t hurt… 😊

The Truth Warrior


We all want to have great relationships especially with that special person however often times we seem to be unable to create this in our lives. In the world that we live in, we usually learn how to have relationships from those people around us usually from our parents who often times may not be exactly the perfect role models for a healthy and loving relationship.

In every relationship, there are 3 relationships happening. There is the relationship you have with yourself, the relationship your partner has with themselves and the relationship you have together. If any of these relationships is not healthy and loving, it usually effects the other relationships.

In any relationship, the following ingredients are essential in creating, maintaining and growing a healthy and loving relationship;

1. Trust

Trust always begins with yourself. You can only ever trust somebody as much as you trust yourself. If you…

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10 things I like about The Chocolate Chamber


1.The friendly and professional staff
2.The classy interiors


3.The huge victorian mirror
4.The warm pashmina provided for the customers


5.Generous refill
6.Really rich chocolate products


7.The Renoir replica
8.The pretty teacups


9.The 17-year old manager and his younger brother who is also in training to run the business
10.My Date


How to Become a Stay-at-Home Mom/Dad in 5 Not at all Easy Steps

Can relate to this now that I’m a stay at home wife and mum to our needy dog…

the self-styled life

I love being a stay-at-home mom. It’s definitely not easy. It’s exhausting, messy, maddening, solitary (and did I say exhausting?). It’s really and truly the most taxing and tiring job I’ve ever done. I am completely wiped out by the time my kid is in bed.

I build elaborate sand structures that get destroyed in a matter of seconds. I spend much of my day building elaborate sand structures that get destroyed in a matter of seconds. And then, you know, cleaning up sand from every inch of my house…

But despite this, I love it.

Many people see this as a luxury–being with my child all day. I realize that in many ways, it is. But what’s implied in this idea of “luxury” is that it’s not an option for the majority of people. I’d like to make the case that it could be.

[I should preface this by saying that I don’t presume to know everyone’s circumstances. I realize that for…

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An Open Letter to Dr. Maya Angelou

Rest in Peace Great Soul… Your wit, passion and compassion will surely be missed. Thank you for leaving us golden thoughts. Smile for us from

Black Millennials

Dear Dr. Angelou,

Today you rest in paradise, and my feelings, dare I say it, are extremely selfish. I know you are at ease, enlightening the afterlife with your instrumental peace and glory … but I want you here… with me.

I do not recall the day I fell in love with you. Maybe it was in middle school, when I gazed at your lyrics in seventh grade English, unable to decipher the insight, but willing to feel the emotion with curious intensity. Or maybe it was in high school, when I began to explore literature and dissect the roots of Black culture and feminism. Perhaps I fell in love with you in college, when I was mature enough to grasp not only your lyrics, but the contexts which encapsulated them.

Yes, it was definitely in college! Your potent words gave me solace as I experienced subtle racism by the hands of classmates…

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